MaStory: Blogging client for the Maemo Platform


If you have some problem using MaStory and you want ask for help, you have some options:

If you want report a bug (an error in the application) or ask for a feature, check the report page.


You can follow the MaStory progress in its SVN:
svn checkout
Here you will find the most current version of MaStory. This version is constantly developed and may be things that aren't working correctly.

Of course, MaStory is open to any patch to improve their functions and improve its code. Although as you see my code is quite dirty ;-)

I want help to MaStory (but not coding)

You have different options to help MaStory without to do software development:

  • Improvements on the website: improve design, improve content, improve graphics...
  • Improvements in documentation: create text tutorial, video tutorials, etc. I'll be glade to add it to the website.
  • Logo and graphics for MaStory.
  • Any help is good.

    • Translations

      In a next future MaStory is going to be translated to different languages. If you want to help, you're welcome. Stay tuned for news in this field. It will be done through transifex, so a good start is sign up for an user there.