MaStory: Blogging client for the Maemo Platform

Why you should donate

  • It's developed in author's spare time. The development started in April 2007 and have been many hours of hard work (and little hours of sleep) to become an application as feature-rich and advanced as it's now.

  • It's completely free, you haven't to pay every time there's a new version like in other platforms, so a small donation helps to keep it free for much longer.

  • It helps to continue with the development forward knowing there are people interested in MaStory until the point they care to donate.

Why you should not donate

  • Simply because you think it's not worth donating, and the work of donating is bigger than the utility of the application.

  • You want to request a new feature and be implemented the next day. If it's an interesting feature and not very difficult to implement, it will be done. But let the developer decide what is more urgent to implement.

  • The crisis: any saved money can be useful in real life.

Making a donation

If after reading the previous sections you consider to make donation, you can to do it through Paypal:

Consider donate to other projects

There are very good projects developed by the Maemo Community:

liqbase OMWeather