MaStory: Blogging client for the Maemo Platform

Note: MaStory was formerly known as Maemo WordPy


MaStory is a blogging client for Maemo.

It runs in different hardware like Nokia N900, Nokia N810, Nokia N800, and Nokia 770.

Most important features are:
  • Support for Wordpress, Blogger, Livejournal
  • Manage your already published posts.
  • Manage comments.
  • Supports draft and scheduled posts.
  • Save articles in offline mode
  • HTML text formatting
  • Add images to the posts from local image, remote image (Internet), Flickr and Picasa.
  • Edit images before posting: resize, crop, rotate, etc.
  • Upload images to Flickr, Picasa Web Albums and Pixelpipe.


Daniel Martín Yerga develops MaStory. I started doing a simple port of WordPy to the Nokia 770 and was quite popular, so I decided to add some features to make it a nicer offline Wordpress client.
After it, people started to ask for more features, Blogger support, Livejournal support, and well here you have MaStory.

MaStory's UI is highly based in the comments done by Antoine RJ Wright, so he can be considered the UI designer.

The nice icons in the MaStory's main screen are kindly done by Joshua Richards.

MaStory is based on WordPy. WordPy is an application written by Mark Mruss.
So as MaStory as WordPy use the wordpresslib library written for Michele Ferretti.

How to write the name: While the official name is MaStory. You can write its name as MaStory, mastory, Mastory, etc.. The name isn't important.


MaStory is free software, released under GNU GPL license.